Mindfulness testimonials

“Caroline brings together the disciplines of mindfulness and coaching in a very thoughtful and empathetic way. I attended one of her one-day workshops and came away with a set of useful, practical insights for integrating powerful techniques into daily life”. 

“My life has taken on a new meaning.  I find myself having slowed down.  I feel more focused, intentional and enthused with a purposeful meaning. I feel more loving, kinder, calmer, more alert, sharper, more attuned and focused.  I feel inner peace”.

“I was at Caroline mindfulness workshop. Caroline was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and incredibly easy to talk to. She re-frames the most difficult things with ease and her recommendations are easy to follow. I immediately followed up and have made some major shifts especially about being vulnerable. Thank you”.                                           

“You will not know how much this can help you and you can help yourself too, until you try it”.

“This is an interactive course where everybody can express their thoughts and experiences that helps themselves and the rest of the participants as well”.

“The day was like a breath of fresh air“.

“I really enjoyed it and it gave me a lot of food for thought”.

“Would be good  if this could be rolled out for all staff  this would create a healthier work environment. Helping one’s self to control a stressful environment helps us to stay healthy”. 

“...it was a beautiful day of learning and reflection, and I know I’ll continue to enjoy the benefits in the future”.

“I think this course will help people in positive ways to find themselves and to be more professional”.

“Caroline knows her craft and delivers the subject in a kind and inclusive way”.

“[Most helpful was] trying different mindfulness exercises and sharing the experience as a group”.

“Mindfulness feels gentle to me, it’s about acceptance, not fighting. It’s a relief to be able to acknowledge this. It feels like adopting an adult state in your mind”.

“A very good course which would be useful to a lot of people and help with the demanding elements of work and personal life”.

“[Most helpful was]the fact that mindfulness is portable – it’s always with me and that it is instantly accessible when I return to my  breath”.