Coaching testimonials

“I had no real expectations of coaching before I met Caroline, but I felt I needed help. The sessions were far more powerful than I had anticipated.
She helped me focus on what I needed and wanted and how to find the right processes to achieve this.
Coaching has given me clarity, a whole new outlook on work and family life and allowed me to move on after years of being stuck in a rut professionally.
It has also taught me how to make changes again in future when necessary”.

“Before coming to the coaching I was at a cross-roads and realised that I felt stuck in the mud at times and going in circles. Caroline offered this opportunity to have coaching and I seized it. Why not give it a try. I am really glad that I did.
Caroline had a professional approach with warmth and respect. She set clear boundaries and helped me to feel at ease providing a clear framework for our sessions which we worked on together. She provided a safe setting which helped me to begin a process of sharing which at times felt uncomfortable and painful.
I found this process really liberating and refreshing. Caroline would go at my pace and I was amazed how the process didn’t stop after a session. I had food for thought and action and it would continue with me from one session to the next as I worked personally on what was being revealed to me.

“Caroline gave helpful tools along the way, often modelling them for me such as re-framing what at times could be a negative and habitual thought process into a constructive positive inquiry opening up new avenues which felt really liberating. I found clarification and direction through this coaching and with practice I plan to integrate what I have learned into my daily life”.

“Caroline has taken me from a place where I was beginning to worry about my mental and emotional health and well-being to a place where I understand myself and manage my emotions better than ever before in my life.
This in turn has freed me up to live my life in a way that is much better and easier for me”

“Coaching enriched my life  and brought, step by step, a deepened sense of clarity, focus and intention to my life”.

What has been most useful part of coaching….“Being able to share in a safe space with a professionally trained person who reflected back to me with key questions and new constructive ways of framing my thinking, experiences and actions.
Realising that it there is a strong need for me to be able to share what is going on for me, key questions, thoughts, ideas and concerns I can have at a given moment and talk them through and think with others.
Trying this out with coaching was challenging and liberating for me. Taking time for me and actually start to explore what my dreams and aspirations really are and how they can be a genuine integral part of my life.
I feel more confident and at ease in sharing with others what is actually going on for me and I see how helpful it can be to have their input and feedback.
I am also learning how to set boundaries particularly with my work. I also see more now the necessity to keep practising with the new tools given such a questions of inquiry that can provide me with new possibilities that I had shut out before the coaching”.

“Put most simply, Caroline has helped me discover a new authentic realm of happiness – and to see life through the lens of bigger and more exciting possibilities for the future.
I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline as a coach to anyone who values wisdom, intelligence, sensitivity, integrity, humour and an infectious zest for life”.    

“I found everything about coaching helpful but especially, having set time to focus on the matter in hand, having time to discuss the matter with someone who was on my side.  I am finding that the benefits of the coaching stay with me and continue to evolve with time”.

“Having had some experience of coaching and counselling before (mainly in the work context) I was dubious about whether this could deliver.  I also think that mindfulness can have a very ‘hippy’ connotations.
What I actually got was a much more powerful and empowering.  It delivered.  It empowered me to make differences in my life and gave me the techniques to deal with issues – some of these were very small changes but powerful ones.
If you are only going to do one coaching in your life this is the sort you want to do and you want to do it with Caroline”.

“Thank you for inspiring me to aim higher”.

Caroline has a natural approach to working with people that is at once nurturing and kind, challenging and stimulating – and, ultimately, empowering and invigorating.
She has helped me to tap into my inner confidence and self-belief – as a result of which I find myself taking on new challenges positively rather than fearfully, and reconnecting at a deeper level with the important people in my life – amongst other things”!

“I was unclear what coaching involved but I knew I wanted something that was different from counselling. I felt I was aware of some issues that I had and wanted to move forward with them instead of just talking about them.
Caroline is able to challenge me in such a way that I do not feel intimidated and the points she raises are very powerful.
I feel Caroline has helped me to grow so much in a relatively short space of time.

I wanted to invest in my personal development but was originally concerned about the cost. I feel the sessions have been exceptional value for money as I feel they have had an extremely positive impact on my life. I would recommend coaching to anyone who felt that they had areas in their life that they wanted to improve”.

“Caroline is a magnificent listener who inspires insights. Things come up naturally and she has warmth that stretches the soul”.  

“The most helpful thing is the reflections that you make. They really make me think (and help me make the links between my repeating patterns of behaviour.)  Asking me the question of ‘how can I do this differently’ has been invaluable. It has really made me change how I do things in so many ways.
It really has made such a HUGE difference.   In terms of my self-care, I am taking much more time for myself by focusing on what is important right now”.    

“After the last session I realised that it’s me that needs to set my boundaries instead of trying to ‘save the world’. I can just CHOOSE to be an adult in each situation that arises.  So thank you”.