Personal Coaching

My clients include everyone seeking to take better care of themselves  and reach their potential. They come from all walks of life. All that is needed is to be willing to invest in and make a commitment to yourself.

I coach holistically but my specific expertise is in enabling you to transform your life by addressing the underlying cause of an issue rather than just the symptoms.  My aspiration is to assist you to improve your satisfaction with the quality of your life and enable you to build resilience.  I am no longer in clinical practice so I do not offer either treatment or therapy.  My experience and background allow me to be comfortable in difficult areas, ensuring you are able to raise any issue relevant for you.

I have a particular interest in helping everyone seeking to

  • Improve their personal well-being, confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction with life
  • Build personal resilience: the ability to withstand stress and spring back from difficulties, either personal or professional
  • Leave their comfort zone and move forward, stretching themselves as they grow and develop
  • Address symptoms of burnout, anxiety and performance issues
  • Manage a long term condition either for yourself or someone to whom you are close. Managing health requires working closely with healthcare professionals and I am able to support you to understand options that may be available and so ensure the best possible outcome
  • Manage work life balance and regain your life and career
  • Manage sickness absence enabling you to recover and either return to work or move on in life

Although I am not primarily a business coach, work and employment play an important role in well being.  A number of clients have requested coaching around their appraisals, wishing to have a holistic approach to the process.

As we work together you will move from where you are towards where you want to be. As a mindfulness practitioner, awareness and reflection have an important role in my work but I use a wide range of tools, practices and skills that will be appropriate for you at the time. Working in the way that is best for you and going at your pace ensures you will be able to see things from a different perspective. This enables you to make choices and try new ways of being. I will help you clarify and be aware of where you are and ways you can get to where you want to be.

Coaching  involves building a relationship, based on trust and honesty, over a period of time.  During an initial no-obligation discussion we explore what you are looking for and if it is right to work together.  If we agree to proceed we  agree a contract around the way we work together.  Typically 6 sessions each of 50 minutes would be taken over several months. There is flexibility around the interval between sessions although coaching does not happen weekly.

Coaching is available by Skype, by telephone and in person in South London (UK).

Contact me for a discussion to find out more about coaching and how it might help you to move forward.