• Each of us is unique. Dr Caroline has a passionate belief that each of  is us is special and we need to be treated as individuals, seeking what is right for us at the time.
  • Promoting wellness is different from prevention and from trying to cure or fix someone. Building resilience allows us to spring back from the setbacks we all encounter in life and to increase our satisfaction with life.
  • The resources we need to live the life we choose are within us. None of us is broken and we do not need “fixing”. With the right support we heal and recover from the difficulties life sends our way.
  • Appropriate support. Dr Caroline only works with individuals she is able to help and support without judgement.  If she feels she is not the best person for you she will do her best to help you find appropriate support.
  • Integrating body, mind and emotions. Dr Caroline believes that we function better when we connect our heart, our mind and our spirit.  We are starting to appreciate the importance of the connection between mental and physical health and how these affect one another.
  • Professional values. Dr Caroline retains the high standards and values associated with the medical profession.

WISHER together is the name Dr Caroline created for her company as it combines values important for her.


and we do this     together

Supporting and sharing enables us to grow and develop together. When we learn we teach and when we teach we learn.

Mindfulness and coaching share common values but fundamental to both is paying attention, being aware and the importance of process and how we manage any given situation.  Spotting patterns of repeating behaviour and choosing to make even small changes can have a dramatic effect on our life.