Dr Caroline Hough

I am a transformational life coach and mindfulness practitioner. An experienced medical doctor and former GP I bring professional expertise but also personal experience of recovery and healing to my work. Having been on both sides of the divide, a patient as well as a doctor, I have a well-rounded understanding of the challenges of promoting wellness and recovery.

My experiences have shaped my insight into the process of recovery and promoting wellness. I have a passion to share my knowledge and understanding to support others.

I founded Aspiring 2 Wellness (A2W) a unique blend of mindfulness and coaching which has been inspired by and developed from my personal experience and observation of recovery in others. A2W actively promotes wellness using tools to build skills that allow an individual to develop resilience and increase their satisfaction with life.

I studied medicine at Cambridge University. After Cambridge I completed my clinical training at Kings College Hospital London qualifying as a doctor.

My work history includes:

  • Being a partner in General Practice.
  • Working in Health Screening with Bupa, training and auditing doctors before managing Women’s Screening Nationally where I was involved in ensuring clinical standards at a time of great change in the medical profession.
  • Working with the Benefits Agency Medical Service (BAMS) assessing individuals for benefits, war pensions and accidents at work.
  • Working in Occupational Medicine in industry and The NHS both in hospitals and at The Department of Health.

More recently I have been involved in mental health both as a service user and as a consultant advising on change management.  I was a governor at South London and Maudsley NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust (SLaM) and chaired the Trust Wide Involvement Group. During this time I gained a wealth of experience around prevention, assessment and treatment from a medical view point as well as an appreciation of health from the perspective of someone using the services.

Coaching has changed my life as well as my health, and recognising something I am passionate about, I trained as a life coach with Animas Centre for Coaching.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has always been part of my professional life. I maintain this by participating in supervision, attending courses and conferences.