A2W: enabling you to thrive

Aspiring 2 Wellness (A2W) allows you to discover that achieving mind, body and emotional balance is possible and leaves you more able to take personal responsibility for achieving this balance.

A2W is a personal development model that brings together a range of tools and techniques to equip people with the skills they require to improve their personal resilience and satisfaction with life.   The course has been developed and delivered through a number of different, flexible formats and with attendees that have spanned various professionals and career stages.  Much of the development work has been done with medical professionals, including GPs, Junior Doctors, Consultants and Psychiatrists, all of whom committed to attending the course in their own time.

The A2W model includes the following elements that offer a unique learning experience:

  • Interactive sessions of mindfulness and coaching practices
  • An understanding of the principles of the practices
  • Peer support, sharing and learning
  • A process rather than a content-focused approach
  • Group workshops that have a very personal feel

Dr Caroline shares her personal story and facilitates the mindfulness and coaching exercises.  This approach has been described as a breath of fresh air – not just teaching but sharing.  Leading by example inspires openness in the group enabling learning with and from each other.