A2W course testimonials

“I have been on an amazing course:  Aspiring 2 Wellness. It has really helped me become more resilient in my day to day work……………I think this course should, be done by all health care staff”.  Doctor

“It is an intensive course on mindfulness and awareness which you can easily apply to everyday life that will make a difference to your life and in the way you do things”.  Accountant

“I have learnt to appreciate what I have, that I cannot change everything/ resolve every problem especially ones that are not mine and that the solution to what I can solve rests with me”.  Doctor    

“I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to any doctor [anyone] who wants to learn, perhaps for the first time, how to care for themselves. ….The practices, discussions and narrative sharing during the course have provided a firm foundation from which to build a healthier happier and more balanced life both as a doctor and as a more whole person. Thank you for your teaching, coaching, enthusiasm, kindness and encouragement”.  Doctor

“I went on the original Aspiring 2 Wellness course  and it was amazing both for use in work and with patients but for myself and coping with work/life balance. If you can go I would really recommend it! When I went it was  a mix of psychiatry trainees and GPs (partners, CCG people and salaried) all ages and ethnic/religious/secular backgrounds.
The balance of Mindfulness and coaching approaches is unique”.  Doctor

“Meeting Caroline has been a very fortunate opportunity for me. I have been a GP for many years and over the years the changes have resulted in a lot of stress both for me and my family.  Our training teaches us to help others but not how to help ourselves.
Attending the Aspiring 2 Wellness course organised by Caroline was an eye opener. I would encourage anyone trying to come to terms with self and putting life’s occurrences into perspective to attend the Aspiring 2 Wellness course and possibly exploring coaching after that”.  Doctor